AdBlue is a special liquid that’s sprayed into the exhaust system of cars with a diesel engine to reduce dangerous nitrous oxide emissions and comply with Euro 6 regulations. It’s used in many diesel cars produced since 2006.

The AdBlue mixture is injected in tiny quantities into the cars exhaust gases, where it breaks down mono-nitrogen oxides that can be damaging to health. The liquid is regularly topped up during annual services, but can sometimes run low. Most cars come fitted with an Ad-Blue warning light. If you ignore it, your car may not drive as normal and may enter into limp mode, or stop working altogether.

Most diesel cars will need to be topped up each time the car is serviced. For high mileage drivers, more frequent top ups may be required. Glenside Recovery recommends referring to your owner's manual for more accurate information.

If an AdBlue warning light has appeared on your dashboard, don't wait to top up.
Call Glenside Recovery today on: 07715 697852 to get your AdBlue topped up to the recommended level.

Running out of AdBlue can significantly increase your car's emissions, and if left, can prevent your engine from starting altogether. Your car may also go into 'limp mode', reducing the speed at which you can drive.

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