Have you suffered a puncture, blowout, damage to your tyre or you simply need to replace your current worn tyres? Glenside Recovery’s emergency mobile tyre-fitting service is here to help.

Our fully equipped 24-hour emergency mobile tyre-fitting van and experienced technician will come to your location, whether you are at home, work on at the side of the road at a time that suits you. Glenside Recovery will get to you and get the job done quickly with minimal fuss, so you can get on with your day.

Glenside Recovery Mobile Tyre Fitting Services

Our trained technician will assess the damage caused to your tyre and explain the most cost-efficient options available. It is important you understand that not all punctures can be repaired and will require replacement. 

We carry a wide variety of tyres with us at all times and also have access to hundreds of different types of tyres. We stock budget, mid-range and premium options to suit the majority of vehicles from small hatchbacks, 4x4s, SUVs and light commercial vehicles.

Our leading brands include:

  • Pirelii
  • Michelin
  • Goodyear
  • Bridgestone
  • Dunlop
  • Continental
  • Hankook


How does it work?

We understand how stressful a flat tyre can be. Our service is designed to be stress free. Simply give us a call and we will take care of the rest. We only require a few simple details. Our highly trained technician will soon be at your location to either repair or replace your tyre. Follow the steps below and we will soon have you back on the road!

Step 1: Give us a call on: 07715 697852

Step 2: We will require your tyre size and your current location

Step 3: Our technician will be with you shortly to repair or replace your tyres and get you safely on the road again.


How to find my Tyre Size?

You can find your car’s tyre size written on the sidewall of your current set of tyres, in your vehicle’s handbook or on a sticker in the door jam or inside the fuel cap door. When buying new tyres you should only go for ones that have these same numbers to ensure a good fit. 

When looking at your tyre sidewall you will see a set of numbers as outlined in the diagram below. This is your tyre size. Simply read the number from left to right, the numbers relate to the different aspects outlined below.

Tyre Diagram

For example, if our technician asked you what the rim size of your tyre was, this would be noted on the sidewall as R16 or R17. Thus you could say your tyre is a 16 or 17 inch.

If you're speaking to a technician you can simply read of the tyre size in on go and they will understand the size you need an be able to advise on the most suitable tyre for your driving style and budget.


The danger’s of placing Part Worn Tyre’s on your vehicle and why it’s just not worth the risk!

Part worn tyres are tyres that have already been used on another vehicle and have been taken off because its either had a puncture or their previous owner feels that there is not enough tread on it for them and their vehicle, simple!!!

Our main issue at Glenside Recovery is in relation to the integrity of the casing, you simply can't see any damage that may have occurred to it, why would you? The typical motorist won't know if the tyre is damaged, has been run flat so that the side walls are compromised or if it has had a puncture in the shoulder and repaired. You just will never know the true history of the tyre.

The main reason for buying a part-worn tyre is the cost! Currently within a few miles of our base in Maghaberry, you can buy a 205/55R16 part-worn tyre with 4mm of tread for around £35, that works out at £8.75 per mm. Now compare that to a brand new economy tyre with 8mm of tread for £56, that's £7.07 per mm. It just doesn't make any sense, a short term solution that's covered in danger. 

Others will have a different opinion on our view here at Glenside Recovery, mainly because we sell new tyres and never, ever touch part worn tyres, it is not worth the risk.

Drive safe.

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